We have been looking to perfect a porchetta pork butty recipe to serve at our events, pop-ups and hopefully from our very own premises in the future. Here’s an overview of our recipe and thought process, we finish the butties off with a dill heavy green sauce and a healthy spreading of rendered fat from the porchetta.

Porchetta, Brown Butter Buns & Green Sauce Sandwich

Sourcing The Pork For Porchetta

We got the meat for this little project from The Butchers Quarter in the Northern Quarter, they source their meat from Packington Free-range based in Staffordshire which is an environmentally, and welfare driven pig farm, producing hugely consistent meat from happy pigs. As always high-quality meat is the driving force behind a good meat dish.

Traditionally a Porchetta involves rolling a ribless belly with the loin attached, we decided just to get the belly, as the loin often dries in the cooking process as it is so lean. The process involves slow roasting the belly for hours on low before cranking up the heat and crisping that delicious skin up after its fat has rendered. Do, however, remember to keep the porchetta tied throughout the cooking process, or the skin will go AWOL as we found out in this attempt. 

The key to a perfect porchetta (aka succulent meat and crispy skin), is in its preparation pre-oven. You need to cure slightly overnight (softening the proteins and seasoning the meat), and allow it to set in its rolled shape before cooking (to allow even cooking). Another trick we learned from Serious Eats, is to use baking powder, this will keep the skin of the belly more alkaline for longer, meaning its proteins can break down more, and it’ll blister and crisp in the process.

Making Porchetta |The Ingredients

One full boneless pork belly

2.5% salt

2% brown sugar

Baking Powder | 1tsp

Fennel | 1tbsp

Coriander chopped | 1tbsp

Black pepper | 1tbsp

Red chilli | 1tsp

Garlic | 1 Bulb

Making Porchetta | The Instructions

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