Charcuterie boards are a delicious start to any dining experience but with so variations to choose from where do you start? Coppa, Nduja, Salami, Prosciutto the list of possibilities continues.

The internet is awash with outlandish, overly-stylised, and over facing suggestions on how to make ‘epic’, and ‘best ever’ charcuterie boards. Everyone from vloggers, food stylist, and even travel writers seem to be having their say. Well, we thought we’d get our two-penneth in as well giving you our humble opinion on what a Northern Cure charcuterie board might look like.

We’re seeing a lot of nonsense accompanying the charcuterie on your typical food bloggers charcuterie boards. Fruit, nuts, jams, and dips have no place next to our cherished products. A great charcuterie board is all about celebrating the quality of the meat, and craft of production.

Charcuterie Board From Northern Cure Event at Trove

Northern Cure we want our charcuterie to pack a flavour punch, and be the star of the show. Accordingly, we serve out charcuterie with two simple accompaniments: cheese and a house-made preserve or pickle. Two acidic accompaniments that will offset the decadence of our charcuterie. We also like to have a vessel upon which to get both the charcuterie and accompaniment into our gobs at once: the bread! And that’s all you need!

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