How To Make Crispy Pigs Ear Pork Scratchings

We first made our pigs ear pork scratchings back in February 2020 when we hosted a nose-to-tail style supper club. The event allowed us to showcase our own British Charcuterie while demonstrating the way some lesser cuts of meat could be used. We wanted to pay homage to St John’s style menu items while throwing […]

How To Make Prosciutto | The Community Prosciutto Project

Recently we were lucky enough to get involved in a community project involving the lifecycle of two pigs that were reared by a local artist and farmer Kat Wood before their meat was distributed between local charities and restaurants. We received a leg in order to make an Italian style prosciutto. We wanted to do […]

How To Make Nduja

Nduja is basically, a spiced spreadable salami originating in Calabria (as far as we know!). Its popularity has spiked massively in the last decade or so and most of you are probably familiar with the spicy paste and have fallen in love with it. Its spicy, meaty, and savoury, and gives a deep umami with […]

Koji – How and when to use Koji to develop flavour

Koji is a filamentous fungus, it creates a network of filaments which colonise. When it takes up residency on the surface of a substrate it breaks down the compound into its molecular components. This creates flavourful and aromatic by-products, breaking proteins into amino acids etc. The Koji process is referred to as ‘autolysis’, a process […]